Saints playing dirty?

Did anyone else think the Saints were playing dirty during the NFC Championship game against the Vikings? Some of those hits on Favre were definitely questionable. As many of you probably know, Gregg Williams, the defensive coordinator for the Saints, recently ran his mouth off during a radio interview, saying something along the lines of wanting to give Peyton Manning a few "remember me" shots. And that if the Saints ended up hitting him, then he hopes Manning gets injured enough to not come back to finish the game.

Now, I get it. This is football we're talking about here. Football is a contact sport and all football players go after the quarterback. I'm not sure if Gregg Williams is trying to psyche out the Colts or scare them into submission with his big talk, but I am sure that Jeff Saturday and the rest of Peyton Manning's offensive line will do what they've been doing all season long and that's doing a kick-butt job of protecting Peyton Manning.

Peyton also knows how to protect himself. Lots of people call him a wimp for ducking down and collapsing when he's about to get sacked, but that's just being smart. Would he rather get hit and ruin his timing? Or would he rather just curl up into a fetal position and make the other team pay in his next drive? For those who claim that Peyton can't man up, don't forget that in 2001, Lorenzo Bromell broke his jaw and Peyton still went back and finished the game, even though he was spitting up blood. Peyton didn't miss a single game that season, wearing a special mask until his jaw healed. How's that for toughness?

Anyway, hear what NFL has to say about the Saints wanting to give Peyton some "remember me" shots:

2010 AFC Championship Two-Play Breakdown

For those of you who missed the game, here is a very cool breakdown of Peyton Manning's touchdown to Austin Collie during the 2010 AFC Championship game versus the Jets:

Peyton Manning orders the Colts to "Attack, attack, attack!"

Here, Jeff Saturday is mic'd up, but you can hear Peyton Manning in the background eager to get the next play off the ground. He keeps yelling, "Attack, attack, attack... attack, attack, attack!"

I don't think anyone's paying that much attention to him though because Jeff Saturday goes, "The ball's not set up yet P! Freakin' killing me, man!"


Credit: ColtsDigital

So you think you can dance?

No one doubts Peyton Manning's talents on the football field, but did you know he can also dance? No, I'm not talking about the SNL skit. I'm talking about tango.

Yup, tango:

Credit: w00dchuck

I guess with such smooth moves, he's earned his stripes to give you some priceless pep talk for dancing:

The Man can sing

We all know that Peyton has some serious skills on the field. And that he's pretty funny, with an awesome personality to boot. But, does the 'Man' have singing chops?!

Judge for yourself as Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning sing karaoke together:

Credit: daisymaytr

And here is Peyton singing Kenney Chesney's "Whatever it Takes":

Credit: egoose2000

Peyton Manning makes a few calls


Peyton Manning makes a few calls during an interview while the camera is still rolling:

This is a skit from ESPN 2009 ESPYs.

Peyton Manning: Letter Writer

What a class act... Peyton Manning personally writes letters to fellow NFL football players after they've retired. I don't think I've received (or even written) a handwritten letter since middle school.

Peyton Manning gets frustrated and cusses

In this clip, Peyton Manning doesn't go as crazy as he did when he snapped at Jeff Saturday, but he yells "God dammit, Donald!" when Colts running back Donald Brown failed to make up for the left tackle's missed block during the playoff game against the Ravens:

Credit: BridgerPretz

Peyton Manning Mic'd Up - Week 17 Colts vs. Bills

I love it when players are mic'd up. You never get to hear what the team is saying while they're on the field and on the sidelines, so it's always a treat for Peyton to be mic'd up.

Although he didn't play much during the Colts vs. Bills game in Week 17 of the regular season, Peyton Manning stood on the sidelines to cheer on his team and even gave his sweatbands to some fans in the audience. I wish I were there to get one!

Credit: StealingBases247

Like this lucky girl when she got to meet Peyton:

Credit: tgmlogin

From a Pats fan: Peyton Manning is the Best Quarterback Ever

Even a die-hard Patriots fan and loyal Brady supporter thinks Peyton Manning is the best ever.

From Kirk Minihane over at WEEI Sports Radio Network:

It hurts to say this, but Peyton Manning is the best ever

Mon, 01/25/2010 - 7:31am
By Kirk Minihane
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It's time to face the facts, Peyton Manning is the best ever. (AP)
It's time to face the facts, Peyton Manning is the best ever. (AP)
Why is this going to be tough column for me to write? Let us count the ways …

1. I’m the guy that thought the Colts should have taken Ryan Leaf over him.

2. There was that day in 2005 I spent in the stands at a snowy Gillette Stadium, screaming “Cut that meat!” as I watched him lose to the Patriots for the seventh straight time. I’ll never forget looking out on the field and seeing Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne lined up against Hank Poteat and Troy Brown. An all-time mismatch, right? The Colts scored three points that day. After the game, 60,000-plus Patriots fans happily sat in brutal Route 1 traffic, secure in the knowledge that Bill Belichick was in his head. How quickly things can change in five years (just ask Luke Wilson — in 2005 he was still a movie star. Today he’s stuck doing dopey commercials and is a moustache away from being a dead ringer for Mr. Belvedere.)

3. As of last Wednesday I am now the biggest Tom Brady fan under the WEEI umbrella. They had a ceremony and everything. The previous owner of the crown would, I think, literally vomit if he were to read the next 1,000 words or so.

4. Yeah, I hate the commercials. Every time I see him and Justin Timberlake playing ping-pong (which is only about 50 times a game) I want to take both my eyeballs out with a spoon and then use said utensil to puncture my eardrums.

5. Archie and Eli Manning (who, if not for a miracle David Tyree catch, would be the sports version of Don Swayze or Jim Hanks at this point) also annoy me to no end. They’ve mastered the “I’m trying not to look like I’m polished” act in commercials. Just go away. Family of phonies. And I can call 'em. The only one I have any use for is Cooper, and that’s just because he's the only waiter at Bertucci's who doesn't make a face when I ask for more rolls.

All (at least mostly) true and easy to write. What isn’t so easy to write, alas, is also the truth.
Peyton Manning is the best quarterback I have ever seen.

The idea has been kicking around in my mind ever since the 2006 AFC title game. It only grew after he carried a terrible 2008 Colts team to a 12-4 record to win his third MVP. And I was almost ready to call it after fourth-and-2. The circle was complete, after all. Manning was now in Belichick’s head.

But still I held out.

Maybe, I hoped, Rex Ryan would have an answer or two. Maybe, maybe, I would see at least a glimpse of the Manning every Pats fan felt they owned five years ago. And would it be too much to ask for at least one shot of Manning ripping his chinstrap off in a fit of confused rage as he ran to the sideline after forcing a pick? You know, for old times sake?

Well, the best defense in the NFL actually knocked Manning down a couple of times in the first two drives. And there was a time when that might have affected him for the rest of the game. Those days, as Don Henley once told me, are gone forever (he told me that at an arcade at the Billerica Mall in 1985. He was really into Ms. Pac-Man.) 

And I should just let them go.

Manning completed 26-of-39 passes for 369 yards and three TDs (no picks) in the AFC title game on Sunday, making every throw in the book as he continued his mastery over Big Rexy (he has lost once to a Ryan team — and that was the game he played just a half in last month.) Just a master at the absolute peak of his game. Total control.

Which led to the question: Who have I seen that is better? There are only three guys that I could make a case for: Dan Marino, Joe Montana and Brady.

Marino was every bit the pure passer that Manning is, maybe better, even. But the numbers are at best a wash, and Manning won more. A lot more, actually: three more 10-win seasons in five fewer seasons, plus at least one more Super Bowl.

As great as Montana was, it’s hard to shake the idea that he was the best system quarterback in history. The guy that replaced him (Steve Young) won a Super Bowl and was even better statistically. I don’t see any other QB today stepping in and winning 14 games with this Colts team, and if the Colts stepped on the pedal they would have gone 16-0.

(Anyone watch the Saints/Vikings game? Did you see Brett Favre running all over the field? Yeah? He’s just a kid underneath it all, you know? And a cowboy, too. A child cowboy. You see his wife? Still not sure where to rank her? Me neither. Oh, and that last-second pick, you know, the one that might have cost the Vikings the game and a chance at the Super Bowl? Of all the “great” QB’s in history, he is the one most likely to make that throw. And that’s why he’s not on the list of candidates. He'll always be Simple Jack Favre to me.)

It’s how Manning does it that must drive guys like Ryan and Belichick crazy. The Jets took Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark out of the game (7 catches combined.) Not a problem when you have those household names Pierre Garcon (11-151) and Austin Collie (7-123). 

Ask yourself this: When Manning got the ball at his own 20-yard line with 2:11 left in the first half (down 17-6), was there any doubt in your mind that the Colts would score a TD? Three passes out of the shotgun to Collie (the second a perfect 46-yard deep ball) and it was 17-13 going into the half and it somehow felt like the Jets were losing.

(I’m going to give Ryan a hard time in the next paragraph, but the Jets acquitted themselves very nicely on Sunday, I thought. And in 2010, a team other than the Patriots will begin the season as the favorite to win the AFC East. That hasn’t been the case since 2001.)

And this is when Ryan did something that seemed all too familiar. After a solid Jets drive to start the third quarter stalled, he had Jay Feely attempt a 52-yard field goal. Wide right. Well, you don’t need to be have the script in front of you to know what happened next. An eight-play drive (all passes) that ended with a 4-yard Garcon catch. Colts, 20-17. The Jets never led again and it was all over except for the shouting and an awkward trophy ceremony with Edgerrin James (who I don’t think was ever in the mix for “Meet the Press” hosting duties after Tim Russert’s death.)

And here’s what I mean by “all too familiar.” I think against every other team in the NFL, Ryan punts in that situation. But I think he felt the need to put points on the board vs. Manning and decided to force the issue, to ignore the percentages. Manning has now done this to the top two defensive minds in the NFL in a span of about 10 weeks. No small feat.

For years I heard that Manning had the weapons. That’s why he put up huge numbers. Edge and Harrison and Wayne and Clark. Well, he was throwing for 4,000 yards before Wayne and Clark were in Indy and he’s throwing for 4,500 yards after Edge and Harrison are gone. And have any Colts players on offense done anything after they’ve left? Marcus Pollard? Terrence Wilkins? Jerome Pathon? He was never a product of the system. We’re not talking about just plugging any actor into a CSI show here. He made the system. He IS the system, dammit! 
(And yes, the odds of Peyton Manning appearing in a CSI episode sometime in the next three years is 4-to-1. The odds of Cooper Manning getting his father to love him as much as he loves his other sons is still a 250,000-to-1 shot.)

And now we all know that he is a “winner.” The comeback vs. the Pats and the Super Bowl win over the Bears put that question to sleep forever (I think the win over the Pats meant more to Colts fans than the Super Bowl, I really do. Which game do you think they talk about more? Not unlike the 2004 Red Sox with the ALCS vs. the World Series.) Of course, winning 13 games in his second year as a starting QB with Wilkins as your second wide receiver, Jim Mora as your head coach and a defense in the bottom half of the league might have been a sign as well. And he has won at least 10 games in all but two of his 12 seasons in the league.
When Manning retires, he will hold every significant passing record. And he’ll have probably five or six MVPs (no one else has more than three.)

So, we’re done, right? Anyone else have an argument? OK, we’ll hear from the man from San Mateo.

Tom Brady is, I think, one of the four or five best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. And he was the perfect fit for the three Super Bowl winners. I would not have traded Brady for Manning at any point during those years if I were Belichick. But other than blind loyalty to Brady, I don’t see an argument for his career being superior to Manning’s. They have been in the league together for a decade now. In those 10 years Brady has been named first-team All-Pro once. Manning has been the choice five times.

But Brady has the best single season of the two, right? That plus the 14-4 playoff record plus the (for the moment at least) two extra Super Bowls is enough, isn’t it?

True, Brady broke Manning’s TD pass record in 2007. He threw 50 TDs to Manning’s 49. But he needed an extra 81 passes (over two games worth) to get to 50. Manning’s TD percentage was higher (9.9 percent to 8.7 percent, which means that Manning would have finished with 57 TD passes had he attempted the same amount of attempts as Brady did in 2007), as was his passer rating (121.1 to 117.2). Both great, great seasons, but I don’t think anyone could really state with any confidence which was the better one.

Other numbers? Well, Brady has finished in the top five in passing yards, TD passes and QB rating a combined eight times in his career. In those 10 years Manning has finished in the top five a combined 22 times.

The case is closed.

Peyton Manning is the best quarterback I've ever seen.

Still hurts to write it. A four-pick meltdown in the Super Bowl would sure ease the pain. Think I should get my hopes up?

2010 AFC Championship Game Highlights: Colts vs. Jets

It's going to be the Colts vs. Saints this year in Miami for Super Bowl XLIV!

Here are highlights from the AFC Championship game, Colts vs. Jets:

Credit: GoTitans102831

Colts Video: Post Game Locker Room: NYJ 1/24/10

To be honest, I was rooting for Favre towards the end, but it's going to be a good game against the Saints in two weeks.

Go Colts!

Colts are going to the Super Bowl!



Peyton Manning and the Colts are going to their second Super Bowl!!!

I was on pins and needles during that first half because it didn't seem like the Colts were playing a flowing game. But during the second half, Peyton, doing what he does best, started to pick apart the Jets' defense. 

What a rookie year for Austin Collie!

And way to go Matt Stover!

Saints? Vikings? I kind of want the Saints to win because they've done so much to boost the spirits of those in NOLA. Besides, they are playing some awesome football this year. But then again, a Favre and Manning match-up would be of epic proportions!

Check back later for videos of the Colts vs. Jets highlights.

Peyton Manning's Workout and Practice Routine

Want to know the secrets behind why Peyton Manning is such an awesome quarterback?

Want to how Peyton Manning works out?

Want six pack abs like Peyton Manning?!

Well, look no further, because here are some clips that give you a glimpse into some of his exercise routines:

Peyton Manning teaches the drop pass with bungee resistance:

Peyton Manning shuffle trains with a tennis ball: 

Peyton Manning does back hypers to strengthen his back:

Credit: StackFootball

Peyton Manning does dumbbell bench presses to work out his laser rocket arm:

Credit: STACKVids

And here's Peyton in action, practicing with USC Trojans quarterback John David Booty:

Credit: lily0gi

But, if you can't work out like Peyton or don't have rock hard abs like this Colts super star, take his advice and buy some bigger shirts:

Credit: MnTsVids

Colts to Jets: Your defense is offensive

Who else is excited for the AFC Championship game?! I know I'll be watching and wearing my trusty #18 jersey.

Lots of people are saying that the Colts put themselves in this position by not eliminating the Jets when they had the chance. But, I'd much rather the Colts play the Jets than the Chargers. By the end of tomorrow, I have full faith that Team Blue will be on its way to the SUPER BOWL!

Here are some highlights from the last time the Colts and Jets played each other in Week 16 of the regular season:

Maybe Peyton will be able to use some of the trash talking skills he picked up from filming this NFL Fever Xbox commercial:

Don't miss the Jets vs. Colts game! 3:00PM ET, CBS

Peyton Manning and his brothers on The Simpsons

Peyton still looks like Peyton after being Simpson-ized, but Eli and Cooper look different.

This is a clip from the episode "Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou":

Credit: TVFanatic0

And just for kicks, The Simpsons even had a Ryan Leaf cameo in one of their past episodes. If you don't know who Ryan Leaf is, he's considered to be the biggest NFL draft bust. He was drafted number 2 after Peyton Manning and some even thought he'd do better than Manning in pro football. However, after a couple of years in the NFL (he sucked balls), Leaf retired.

Credit: Mozicon

The proper way to hold a clipboard

In this hilarious article from The Onion, Peyton Manning shows his backup, Jim Sorgi (before he went on injured reserve this season), the proper way to hold a clipboard:

Peyton Manning Shows His Backup Proper Way To Hold Clipboard

August 23, 2007 | Onion Sports

Peyton ManningManning demonstrates the proper form to use while holding the clipboard with one hand and using the headset during third-quarter second-and-long situations.
TERRE HAUTE, IN—Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning interrupted an intrasquad scrimmage Tuesday for approximately 45 minutes in order to show backup quarterback Jim Sorgi how to properly hold his clipboard.

"He's got to learn consistency if he's going to be the backup on this team, and that starts with the little things, like holding the clipboard with two hands," Manning told reporters following the practice. "When I see my backup holding the clipboard with the top portion clenched in his one hand and the bottom portion digging into his bicep, I see a quarterback taking a 'me-first' approach. That's unacceptable."

"Holding the clipboard isn't about individual performance. It's about winning," added Manning, who later stated he was disappointed in Sorgi and that he thought the two were on the same page following a two-hour clipboard conversation he had with Sorgi during the Colts' voluntary spring practice. "I once thought that if Jim wanted to set himself apart, maybe he could wear his hat with a little extra curvature in the brim. But for now, I'd have to say he doesn't deserve that privilege."

Manning claimed to have mentioned several previous clipboard-mishandling incidents to Sorgi prior to the on-field confrontation, including times when Sorgi held only the bottom-left corner of the clipboard "as if he didn't care if he dropped it"; when he caught Sorgi gripping the clipboard with two hands, but loosely and "as if he was just going through the motions"; and when he saw Sorgi standing on the sidelines trying to spin the clipboard on his index finger, an action Manning called disrespectful to both the team and the game of football.

"I even caught him out of the corner of my eye letting the clipboard hang carelessly down by his thigh during our preseason game against the [Chicago] Bears," said Manning, adding that he had not said anything to Sorgi at the time because he wanted to give him a chance to rectify the problem on his own. "I almost burned a time-out, but that was on the same day he took my advice to affix an 18-inch length of clean white cord to the clipboard in order to keep better track of his writing utensil, so I let it slide. Baby steps, after all."

Manning said he began to suspect that Sorgi had reverted to a careless and lackadaisical state of mind upon seeing Sorgi gripping the clipboard at the top part of its clamping mechanism, which Manning said could have ultimately led to the application of enough pressure to allow the documents held by the clipboard to escape, and possibly even be blown towards the opposing sideline.

"Look—if he messes up like that and the other team has all of our offensive schemes, then we don't repeat as [Super Bowl] champions," Manning said. "It's that simple. True, I've never had to hold that clipboard, and I never plan to. Jim Sorgi is going to be holding that clipboard for the rest of my career, so it's essential he becomes a pro at it."

"We're only as strong as our weakest link," Manning added. "Jim Sorgi had best remember that."

Though Sorgi admitted to violating Manning's clipboard-holding policy, he said a lack of communication, not a lack of commitment, was really to blam

"Sometimes Peyton and I just aren't always on the same wavelength," Sorgi told reporters after Manning left the facility. "It gets really confusing. Basically, Peyton likes to give me three different clipboard-holding options during specific game situations, signaling them to me before the snap. At any given time during a game, he could scream at me to change my grip to, say, ten-and-two instead of six-and-four, and naturally, there will be times I don't hear him completely."

"I just wish he would stick to his initial clipboard-holding plan—two hands at three and nine," Sorgi said. "It would make things easier on all of us."

Upon being told of Sorgi's comments, Manning commented that Sorgi's "prima donna attitude is the reason he's not allowed to run kneel-downs during the regular season."

Colts head coach Tony Dungy claimed he was unaware of any problem with his quarterbacks and said he would be taking more of a hands-off approach this season, allowing Manning to do the majority, if not all, of the coaching.

Is Peyton Manning married?

Yes. But he doesn't have any kids... yet.

UPDATE: Nevermind! Peyton Manning and his wife are the proud parents of twins, a baby boy and a baby girl, born on March 31, 2011 - Marshall Williams Manning (named after Ashley's grandfather with Peyton's middle name as the middle name) and Mosley Thompson Manning (with Ashley's maiden name as the middle name). Lots of March babies in the Manning family!

Peyton Manning married Ashley Manning, his University of Tennessee college sweetheart (but she went to the University of Virginia), in 2001. They were apparently introduced by Ashley's neighbor when Peyton was a freshman.

Ashley Manning tends to keep out of the spotlight, so there are only a few pictures of her, but she is a real beauty:

Even though whenever I search for "peyton manning", Google autofills it with "peyton manning divorce", I believe Peyton and his wife are a happily married couple. Look at how cute they are at a Bruce Springsteen concert:

And at the charity event at Lucas Oil Stadium:

Credit: wish

You can also see Ashley Manning in rare interview for Peyton Manning's All-Access Granted with ESPN back in 1997 when she was still his girlfriend (around the 7:30 mark):

Here's a more recent interview of Ashley Manning in 2005:

And here are a few more, including Peyton Manning's rarely seen wedding picture:

There are always rumors about Peyton cheating on Ashley, but Manning is always seen wearing his wedding ring when he's not on the field. He's even wearing his wedding band at this year's training camp. It's a recent picture, so no, they are not getting a divorce! The rumors are just rumors.

Photo Credit: Bob's Blitz

People also think Ashley Manning never goes to any of Peyton's games (hence all the marriage trouble rumors), but she's there. You just don't see her that often.

2010 Divisional Playoffs: Colts vs. Ravens Highlights

Leading up to last week's game, there was lots of talk about whether the Colts would be rested or rusty. Well, my man P settled the debate because the Colts won 20-3 over the Ravens!

Here are some highlights from the game:

Credit: GoTitans102831

And Peyton's post-game interview with CBS Sports' Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf:

Credit: CBS

Monkeys do not exist!

Peyton Manning on Saturday Night Live 2007: Season 32, Episode 16


I don't know why I had such a hard time finding all of Peyton Manning's SNL skits, but I'm glad I sniffed them out because he was hilarious!

Here are all the SNL videos of Peyton Manning hosting SNL with musical guest Carrie Underwood back in 2007.


1. Peyton Manning SNL Promos:

Credit: SeanH777

2. Peyton Manning "SNL Monologue":

3. Peyton Manning SNL "United Way Spoof": (check out the real United Way commercial he made here and here is a transcript of Manning's United Way spoof in case you can't hear what he says over the laughter):

4. Peyton Manning SNL "On the Porch": (so this is what Manning would look like with more hair...)

5. Peyton Manning SNL "Meatloaf Lovers": 

6. Peyton Manning SNL "On the Set of 300": (and this is what he would look like without hair...)

7. Peyton Manning SNL "Dinner Party":

Peyton Manning SNL dinner party skit screencap

I can't embed this video, but you can watch it here. In the skit, Peyton Manning gets annoyed at a girl at a dinner party.

8. Peyton Manning SNL "Half Time Locker Room Dancing Skit":

Peyton Manning SNL Dancing screencap
Credit: Hellie231

It's one of Peyton's funniest skits! I love how he used his towel to hide the fact that he's cracking up at Will Forte's over the top dancing. Here's a better quality clip.

9. Peyton Manning SNL "Behind the Scenes with Carrie Underwood":

10. Peyton Manning signing autographs after SNL:

Peyton Manning Audibles

If you've never seen Peyton Manning play football, then you're missing out on one of the best signal callers ever. Before he takes the snap, Peyton usually audibles and makes changes to the play based on what he thinks the defense is going to do. And boy, is he good at reading the defense, especially picking up on blitzes.

Manning uses a bunch of code names and crazy arm signaling - some real, some fake - to confuse the defense. He never makes any sense to me, but he makes football extra fun to watch.

Here are a few clips of Peyton Manning's Audibles:

Credit: beezee05

Did you know, Peyton Manning speaks Gaelic?

Credit: ManningsRule1810

And even Chinese?

Credit: sonyelectronics

Peyton Manning goes crazy

In the following clip, Peyton Manning goes crazy and snaps at center Jeff Saturday:

However, that clip only shows Peyton Manning yelling, leaving out the part where him and Jeff Saturday hug it out in the end. Peyton's not a big bully, y'all!

Watch the full clip here:

America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions - 2006 Colts

Have you seen the video of quarterback Peyton Manning snapping at center Jeff Saturday? If so, you've probably wondered where the clip was from. Well, after some digging around, it's from NFL's America's Game series, focusing on the Colts' 2006 Super Bowl win.

I've been looking everywhere for a free, streaming copy of America's Game - The Super Bowl Champions - 2006 Colts. And guess what? Good ol' YouTube saves the day again.

Watch the full video below and see how Peyton Manning led the Indianapolis Colts to their first Super Bowl victory (six parts):







You can download a copy here or buy the DVD here.

Let's hope the Colts work their magic and beat the Jets this Sunday!

Peyton Manning: United Way Commercial

This is the real United Way commercial that SNL spoofed, filmed back in 2003:

But SNL's version was funnier:

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