Peyton Manning's Workout and Practice Routine

Want to know the secrets behind why Peyton Manning is such an awesome quarterback?

Want to how Peyton Manning works out?

Want six pack abs like Peyton Manning?!

Well, look no further, because here are some clips that give you a glimpse into some of his exercise routines:

Peyton Manning teaches the drop pass with bungee resistance:

Peyton Manning shuffle trains with a tennis ball: 

Peyton Manning does back hypers to strengthen his back:

Credit: StackFootball

Peyton Manning does dumbbell bench presses to work out his laser rocket arm:

Credit: STACKVids

And here's Peyton in action, practicing with USC Trojans quarterback John David Booty:

Credit: lily0gi

But, if you can't work out like Peyton or don't have rock hard abs like this Colts super star, take his advice and buy some bigger shirts:

Credit: MnTsVids


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