Saints playing dirty?

Did anyone else think the Saints were playing dirty during the NFC Championship game against the Vikings? Some of those hits on Favre were definitely questionable. As many of you probably know, Gregg Williams, the defensive coordinator for the Saints, recently ran his mouth off during a radio interview, saying something along the lines of wanting to give Peyton Manning a few "remember me" shots. And that if the Saints ended up hitting him, then he hopes Manning gets injured enough to not come back to finish the game.

Now, I get it. This is football we're talking about here. Football is a contact sport and all football players go after the quarterback. I'm not sure if Gregg Williams is trying to psyche out the Colts or scare them into submission with his big talk, but I am sure that Jeff Saturday and the rest of Peyton Manning's offensive line will do what they've been doing all season long and that's doing a kick-butt job of protecting Peyton Manning.

Peyton also knows how to protect himself. Lots of people call him a wimp for ducking down and collapsing when he's about to get sacked, but that's just being smart. Would he rather get hit and ruin his timing? Or would he rather just curl up into a fetal position and make the other team pay in his next drive? For those who claim that Peyton can't man up, don't forget that in 2001, Lorenzo Bromell broke his jaw and Peyton still went back and finished the game, even though he was spitting up blood. Peyton didn't miss a single game that season, wearing a special mask until his jaw healed. How's that for toughness?

Anyway, hear what NFL has to say about the Saints wanting to give Peyton some "remember me" shots:


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